Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spinning almost complete - more samples

I have enough reasonably consistent yarn, so the next step is to finalize the final sett. Assuming a shrinkage after fulling of about 20% and working towards a final 10 cm square, I warped a 12.5 cm square in two different setts: 12 per inch and 10 per inch. After fulling them (by putting them through the washing machine with a load of towels) the weave structure of the 12 sett (sample on left) ended up looking a bit "crowded" whereas the 10 sett looked just right. Shrinkage lengthwise was 25% and across the width was 20%.

I'm still spindle spinning the brown wool which will be used for the tapestry sections. On the spindle is singles. The skeins are some of the finished two-ply.

The next step will be to make up a sewn toile of the jacket to make sure features and fit are what I want. From that I can scale up the pattern for the weaving form.