Summary of the first jacket project

On May 16 2011 I proudly posted this picture of my finished all-in-one-piece jacket. 

It all began in 2008 when I got the idea that I would like to try to weave a jacket all in one piece with no seams. I was given some lovely wool and I began to try to figure out what it would take to make such a jacket. Many samples and experiments later, I figured out the process. 

This blog documents the many steps that I took. The challenge I gave myself was to weave a wearable, attractive, fitted jacket in plain weave all in one piece. I assumed I would not be able to do this on a traditional loom!

The problems I needed to solve in order to do this:
1) SHAPING: How to create shaping of various kinds, especially sleeves, yoke, and collar.
2) WARP TENSION: How to keep the warp threads under tension while weaving in the round and in complicated shapes.
3) CONTINUOUS WARP: How to do a continuous warp so that the top and bottom edges are selvedges.
4) TAKE UP: How to deal with take up so that the garment ends up being the size I intend.

To solve these various problems I devised a number of mini projects, gradually building up the knowledge I needed to tackle the entire project. They included a couple of collars, a pair of slippers, a couple of bags, a jacket for a teddy bear and a waistcoat for myself. Finally I was ready to begin the project itself.

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