Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Weaving the collar and edgings

I held the warp in place on the collar base with hair grips while I stitched it in place. 

When most of the warp was in place, I attached the collar to the neck edge. 

Finally I attached the edge strands. These ones continue down the front and around the hem.

I wove the collar first. What fun to get the brown wool out and see the collar take shape!

Then it was time to weave the edgings.

Once the weaving was done, I undid all the holding stitches. Then I could see that the edge of the collar got stretched out of shape while weaving.

I pulled it to the right shape with gathering thread. Then I worked from the back and pulled out loops of the warp threads until the collar lay where it should. Then I cut the loops and buried the ends.

Once the collar was fixed, I pressed all the edges and began to experiment with the placement of the zip.

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  1. Mom, that's resourceful using hair pins! Its cool seeing what you were describing on the phone.