Friday, 14 November 2014


Sewing in the zip and constructing the lining were the finishing touches. Now I can start to wear it, just in time for the colder weather.


  1. Congratulations, Ruth. It looks great!!

  2. Ruth, this is just so classy. I am so proud of you. You are more than a craftsman -- you are a pro-designer, too! The collar is the perfect shape for you and your jacket. And the curved pocket openings are so smooth and elegant. I can imagine it must be a joy to wear -- a resounding success after all your months of planning and hard work. Well done!

  3. i just found your blog. thank you for posting all the process and flow of this. will the books you recommended teach on how to begin and finish the woven project? I am having difficulty finding tutorials on finishing and beginning.. thanks so much. I really love the sparrow, tha's my favorite bird.