Friday, 24 October 2014

Finishing touches - easy things first

I'm experimenting as I go along for the next steps, starting with the simpler things (edging on cuffs and pocket openings) in the hopes that I will learn what I need to know to do the harder things (the collar and front and hem edgings which need to be done as a unit).

To make a base to hold the warp for the tapestry sections I used a needle lace method: the actual-size drawing on paper of the pocket opening was reinforced with a backing of fabric and a covering of clear plastic. On the drawing I marked each of the seven warps. The base extended far enough under the fabric edge that it could be tacked in place with holding stitches.  

I held the warps temporarily in place with bobby pins/hair grips. 

Then I secured all the warp threads in position with holding stitches. 

I wove over pairs of warps to make a weft-faced padded band. The fabric edge and the first strand became the first "pair" of warps.

After weaving, I removed all the holding stitches.

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